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Our Products | Spirit Works
Our Products


Spirit Works’ has designed a multi-purpose Mini Longhouse which features:
Top quality solid cedar construction;
A highly adaptable 20’ x 20’ x 11’ structure able to be extended to any length;
The option of having a transparent roof or modular side windows;
The option of a completely insulated version for year-round use;
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Bentwood Boxes

In British Columbia, we as First Nations Peoples used unique, and beautifully adorned traditional containers to store our most precious of possessions. These containers are commonly known as “Bentwood Boxes”. Aside from their decor, one of the aspects distinguishing the Bentwood Box from other wooden boxes lies in its construction. The body of the container is constructed using only a single piece of West Coast cedar.
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Traditional Wooden Jewelry

Historically, as indigenous coastal peoples, we would adorn ourselves with striking jewelry made of wood, copper, bone, shell, and various types of stone or gems. These pieces would normally have a meaning or story behind them reflecting the personality or experience of the wearer. In this tradition, Spirit Works has created a line of traditional wooden jewelry, with each piece having its own symbolic meaning.
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Native Pewter Jewelry

Spirit Works designs and produces a line of exquisite pewter jewelry. Each piece is cast, polished, and inlaid with our most beautiful abalone shell. In keeping with our stringent environmental commitments our abalone shell is derived as a byproduct of a farmed food fishery, and completely sustainable.
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